Eek! It’s Scabbers!


I’m not sure he’s Scabbers, of course. But he might be. That would fit in with some recent knitting I’ve done that’s Harry Potter themed, such as a Deathly Hallows Shawl and Dobbie’s pile of hats.

This was my first mystery knit along (MKAL) on Ravelry. I’ve never wanted to join one before because they are often shawls and take a major commitment of time and yarn. I’d rather know what I’m making and, also, whether I have the skills needed. But this MKAL tempted and it was fun.

The teaser said there would be four clues, released four days in a row. It would be an animal who is a small mammal, very sociable, and active at night. Knitters were told they’d need two shades of brown or two shades of gray and a bit of pink. After the first clue, the body (but no tail yet) I definitely smelled a rat. I wasn’t thrilled with the prospect at first.

This is Rabbit Hole Knits a/k/a Sara Elizabeth Kellner’s “Rats!” It was an easy knit, on double-pointed needles. As with all small animals, the patterns can be a tad fiddly at times. I’d do a MKAL again, with just a bit of assurance that it wouldn’t be too much of an investment of time.

Kellner has a number of vintage-look animals and stuffies available for download through her website and on Ravelry.

Watch the cheese around the rat, though. I didn’t even have it unwrapped yet and Scabbers already went after it.scabbers2