Montmorency County, Michigan: fall color 2011

It’s drop dead beautiful here. The science of fall colors doesn’t seem to be much of a science. But wet weather followed by cold weather followed by very wet weather followed by very warm weather must have been the ticket.

This is just a taste of Montmorency County at its showiest. The maples are especially red this year. The birch are especially golden. And the steady green of the pines anchors the scene.

3 thoughts on “Montmorency County, Michigan: fall color 2011

  1. Thanks for bringing some beauty into my life, even if from afar and only in photos. Our autumn in NY has been slow to turn the leaves so it was refreshing to see your beautiful setting. Enjoy!

  2. OH MY that’s stunning. It’s not fall colors here in Manhattan yet, which makes me glad because I was afraid I’d miss it while I was gone. If I had, I would’ve just savored these photos of yours!

  3. @Lori…considering where you’ve been recently (I’ve followed your travel blog) this must be “there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home…” effect in action! Welcome home, and so glad you didn’t miss your home fall colors.

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