Wrap Me Up Scarf

I am quite pleased with how this came out. It’s Chris (ChrisDL on Ravelry) DeLonpre’s “Wrap Me Up Shawl” rendered in Opal 6 ply sock yarn. This is a Knitting at Knoon pattern.  It’s knitted in 21 different sampler blocks, each with a different stitch pattern, plus edgings on the two long sides. I worked mine up in three different Opal colorways. Best of all for the finishing- averse, each block is knitted into the next. So there are quite a few places where stitches need to be picked up, but when you are done it’s off to blocking, on to the edging and “all done.” I like bobbles, so I added a row into the last garter stitch block.  Other than that, I pretty much followed the pattern.  With each block, I changed to a different ball. Between the color changes in the yarn, and each new block pulling you forward, it’s a quick, fun knit.

AJ’s of Lachine

AJ’s Berry Farm is just off M-32, on Salina Road near Lachine. Obviously, AJ’s is more than berries this time of year. How exactly does AJ grow pumpkins this perfectly shaped? Of course he and his wife’s twin daughters (Rebekah and Remington) are sort of perfect looking too, but still. In season, you will find berries of all sort, cherries, plums, peaches, apples, beets, squash and other veggies galore. It’s known as a wonderful U-Pick for berries. Right now the pumpkins are in, all sorts of squash, the best prune plums on the planet and a little known Michigan delicacy, fall raspberries, that I hope to try next weekend. When you visit, check out their tasty jams (peach and apricot are my favorite). Definitely a family-friendly destination, including Hay-Ride Days in the fall.  And be sure to meet their three rabbits who must eat quite well indeed. I favor the one with the floppy ears.