One big snapping turtle

I spotted him first. In about 3 feet of water, on the west of the lake, north of Belly Button Island. He was moving pretty slow. I was in my kayak and also moving pretty slow. I stopped paddling. The big snapper paddled faster. Steve was nearby. He dunked his waterproof camera into the water and snapped photos while this big guy passed near him. There were empty frames and then this one.

Exciting encounter. No exaggeration this turtle was the size of a Thanksgiving turkey platter. Since Steve still has all his fingers, I declare that this photo was definitely worth the risk.

4 thoughts on “One big snapping turtle

  1. Hi! I just discovered your blog and love it. We have a cottage on Long Lake. This summer I was kayaking in your bay and saw a huge turtle like this one right in front of your cottage. It’s the first large turtle that we have seen. Love reading and viewing photos on your blog.

  2. @Cathy…wow cool! Thanks so much for reading my blog and leaving your comment. I try to include a mix of my two passions: Hillman’s Long Lake and knitting. Stop by and say “hi” in person some time!

  3. Do you have a name for your little bay? The kids have named it “Turtle Bay”. We will stop by next time we get the kayaks out! We are across the lake and down a little to the north of you in a one story log cottage. We didn’t realize how beautiful the sunsets are on our lake! Thanks again for sharing such great photos.

  4. @Cathy…hi neighbor! No, we’ve not named our bay–but I LOVE the idea of calling it “Turtle Bay.” We’ve named the island though. “Belly Button Island.” Steve says the big part of Long Lake looks like a fat man standing on one leg holding a tray (Ghost Bay). And the island is where his belly button would be.

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