Baah Savannah

This is Baah¬†Savannah.¬†It’s an interesting hand-dyed yarn that forced itself upon me while I was shopping for some knitting needles at Have You Any Wool?, one of my local yarn shops.

In fact, two Savannahs eventually forced themselves upon me, Venom (above) and Tuxedo (below).

The space-dyed and speckled version of Savannah isn’t the easiest Savannah to find. All Savannah is a next-to-skln blend of 80% merino wool, 10% nylon, and 10% goat cashmere. The hank is pricey, but it’s also 400 yards of fingering-weight luxury.

This is the yarn’s special planned pooling trick, worked up in the one-row “Diamond in the Rough” pattern presently available only where the yarn is sold:

Kind of amazing don’t you think?

The trick is hardly a trick at all. You take out a mortgage and buy the skein of yarn. Well, a refinance will be enough. Actually, in my judgment the yarn is completely worth the $32-35 you’ll pay for it. Once you’ve got the yarn in hand, and the “Diamond in the Rough” scarf pattern, you use a long-tail cast on starting the slip knot where a color change occurs. Easy peasy.

Then sit back and watch the yarn do its thing.

I worked on my scarves while passengering on a few long car rides. A one-row pattern, a mistake-rib stitch, could get a little boring. But a knitters’ eyeballs are being entertained by the pooling, so a knitters’ brain stays relatively alert to the task. One skein ended up 5.5 inches wide and 66 inches long.

Here’s how my Tuxedo colorway worked up. We photographed it hot off the needles after I completed it on Christmas Day and gifted it immediately (and unwrapped).

Now I’m daydreaming about whether I may have some non-Savannah space-dyed yarn that would pool in an interesting way, using this same pattern.

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  1. Hi, I came across your archived post cross your blog while looking for a pillbox hat pattern: First, I’m grateful you posted your “lemon”, because it’s exactly what I’m looking for! Second, that’s the only Elizabeth Zimmermann book I don’t own, so I ordered a copy. Third, I do want to knit this in bulky yarn, like you did. Was this the original yarn suggestion, or is it your modification? And last, love your felted bowl, and I believe it would look lovely filled with acorns or pine cones! Best wishes, a less talented but enthusiastic fellow knitter.

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