Dashing through the snow

This is Dashing, a free Knitty pattern designed by Cheryl Niamath. I’ve knit it before and more than 5000 Ravelers have too and have posted photos of their finished work.On the wrist, the cables twist in opposite directions. A quick knit and a great last minute holiday present.

Dashing is shown above in Stonehedge Fibers Shephard’s wool worsted in the Cherries Jubilee colorway. The only modification I made this time was to shorten the main section by ten rounds. After knitting another pair of fingerless mitts out of the same skein, I knew I wouldn’t have enough to complete Dashing at the full length.

I also knit up a pair in Shepard’s wool worsted in Milk Chocolate. These are the full length. Both pair will be in my knitted goodies basket for family members to choose from over the holidays. Those who wear hats will find hats. Those who like mitts, will find mitts. And those sturdy utilitarians who only like knitted washcloths will find some of those also.

Here’s Dashing, at its full dashing length:

2 thoughts on “Dashing through the snow

  1. Hi, I found my way here through the Ravelry Blogger’s Hub forum. I love the idea of your gift basket for visitors. I knit more for the process and I think your idea will give me a venue for clearing the decks annually. Thanks!

  2. @Erin…Thanks for visiting. My gift basket was a success this year. I’m left with just two hats and a pair of slippers!

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