We gather around the firepit on a dark, chilly night. Even if all you are doing is having good unspooky conversation and roasting marshmallows, you can’t help but look beyond what the fire lights.  At least in Michigan, you know you aren’t going to be some creature’s evening snack. Nothing bigger than a raccoon is likely moving about. The 2000 or so black bears that live in Michigan’s lower peninsula hardly ever even claw at people. But gazing into the shadows, it’s still easy to remember what scary stuff our ancestors knew could be lurking there.

This night was a cool almost-fall night. The sky was clear. We could look up and see our Milky Way galaxy all milky like it is, and was.

2 thoughts on “Firepit

  1. i’d love a night like that. we had a firepit and roasting marshmallows at my daughter’s wedding, but it was deep summer in wisconsin, muggy, hot, and there were lots of bats. it was great, but a dark cold night like yours sounds so wonderful.

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