Flooding “up north”

Jared Flooding, that is. Though Michigan’s “up north” has also been deluged with rain this spring. This scarf is knit of Noro Silk Garden 309 and 244. There don’t seem to be any two colorways that you can’t combine and still come up with a cool look. These two skeins had places where the colors were a bit too close to one another, but it still looks good.

Periodically, knitters need the mindless knit. For me, it’s when I’m a passenger on a long drive. Anything the least bit complex doesn’t work for me then. This is my 4th version of the scarf. And there may yet be a 5th.

As always, looking at the skeins gives me almost no clues about how the finished scarf will look. Here’s the pattern, free on Flood’s website.


3 thoughts on “Flooding “up north”

  1. Love it — I’ve been tempted recently to try Noro as the shop keeper in my LYS always has some great project on her needles with this yarn. And I could use a mindless knit right about now!

  2. @Evelyn… So easy but so satisfying! A Rav friend suggested it to me and now I’ve knit 4!

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