Fox hunting


We didn’t see this red fox pounce on anything. It was moving very very fast across the ice, setting out from the east side of the big part of the lake just after the narrows. Once across the lake, the fox moved along the shoreline, stopping every once in awhile to stand still looking into the brush on the edge of the lake.

Even at this distance, its foxiness is apparent. But we also watched through binoculars for a good long while. This was a big fox, with a beautiful bushy tail.

Other news from the lake. This was our snowman three weeks ago. ┬áHere he is today, on March 31st. The lake is still completely frozen over. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the Canada Geese will decide Long Lake is not a hospitable enough place this year to nest and will raise up their dozens of goslings someplace else. Fat chance, I’m afraid.

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