Garter stitch baby jacket

From her blog, we learn that “Fifalde” is Welsh, but lives in Kent. This is her very sweet and not goofy-named free pattern “Baby Jacket in Garter Stitch.” Mine is knitted in Cascade 220 superwash.

At first I worried whether I would be able to follow Fifalde’s somewhat “pithy” directions. But I just trusted and they did not fail. She provides a wonderful color chart that lets you know where you are in the sweater each step of the way and that really helps keep a knitter on track.

I made a few very minor modifications, building on some pointed out by a few of the Ravelers that have already knit this up.  Nothing major.  Mark off the back of the neck stitches on the shawl neck with stitch markers so you will know where to place the shaping decreases. If you are doing a contrast color collar and border and cuffs, pick up the stitches in the main color and knit one row to keep the border neat. Buttonhole rows on the 16th row of the border worked for me. If you are working on this, I’ve opened up this project on my Ravelry page and you can read more about it. When you complete the knitting there are only two seams to sew (the arms).

And speaking of buttons, I’ve once again raided my mom’s button jar. Four different vintage buttons but all in color family of the main section of the jacket. Here’s a closer look:

Great pattern!  Thanks much, Fifalde!

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