Gloria.  Designed by Daniel Yuhas (moltingyeti on Ravelry).  It’s meant to be evocative of Gloria Swanson. The pattern is available on Rav and on the Knitpicks‘ site. I modified the design to make it less of a turban and more of a cap, by adding one set of knit and purl sections.  I also widened the purl sections to three rows instead of two.

The gathering up of the ridges at the midpoint in front is an interesting technique. You slip six stitches for a set number of rows, then in the two midpoint stitches on the last row of the section, you reach down to the rows below and catch the float along the back. It creates a bit of a gather. The gather would have been more prominent if I had not widened the purl rows, but I thought they looked a tad puny at two rows.

This was knitted in Plymouth Encore Colorspun #7009–left over from a baby blanket project. I believe it would have had more body with a true Aran weight. An interesting, quick knit.

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