Heritage Freedom Cap

I haven’t done Fair Isle for a good bit and my recent creations have all been two-color projects. This six-color creation was a blast to knit. On size 4 and 5 needles it moved right along. The pattern and the kit are the brainchild of Heritage Spinning and Weaving in Lake Orion. I caught up with them at last weekend’s Michigan Fiber Festival in Allegan–speaking of having a blast. I purchased this pattern at the festival, kitted up with Michigan’s own Stonehedge Fiber Mill‘s worsted weight Shepherd’s Wool.

The keen-eyed among you, and actually you don’t need that keen eye, will see that I goofed on the last color round of decreases at the crown. I saw it happening but couldn’t quite bring myself to try to remedy it. By then handling the double points was getting quite fiddly.  I convinced myself it wasn’t going to be all that noticeable. Obviously, it is though. But how often does the very top of someone’s head get inspected anyway? Oh. I should mention that when I make a goof in a pattern and don’t rip it out I often keep the item for myself rather than gift it away. Maybe that’s why I let the non-prideful Amish knitter in me take over.  (Mere mortals shouldn’t make perfect stuff.) Because I really do like this cheerful hat. And it is sized large enough to fit my pumpkin head.

The designer says it’s named the “Freedom” cap because the center panel motif resembles a butterfly. Butterflies are  no more  free than moths, black flies and garden slugs, but we get the reference. Sweet hat. Fun knit.

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