Jacques Cousteau Hat

What you see, in knitting, is not always what you get. Lalla Pohjanpalo (Typy on Ravelry) has created a fine example of exactly that. Her Jacques Cousteau Hat looks laughably silly off someone’s head. Really. If you give it to someone, you have to say: “Stop laughing. Stop laughing. I know you don’t have a pointy head. Try it on.” When they refuse just quick stuff their head into it and watch how it (and they) immediately start relaxing. The three shown below, click on the thumbnails to check them out in larger size, are knitted in Garnstudio DROPS Karisma Superwash. It’s a DK weight, knitted here on US size 5 needles. The yarn is a little hard to find in the US, but any DK weight will work well.

Here’s Pohjanpalo’s free pattern to download.

In case the Jacques Cousteau reference escapes you, I should be stubborn, obstinately resist the urge to hyperlink, and make you search your memory banks. OK. OK. He was a Sesame Street character from the 1970’s with scruffy looking red fur and big yellow feet who wore a purple tie with green polka dots.

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5 thoughts on “Jacques Cousteau Hat

  1. well, i NEVER would’ve thought that could work. what a great-looking hat, and it looks like it was fun to knit, too!

  2. @Lori…It was a fun knit. The decreases all come on the edge of a rib. Maybe that’s what makes it work.

  3. I appreciate your admiration of my hat. But remember, it’s about preserving marine life, and also a funny side story: the reason my hat is red is due to the fact that I was worried about getting run over by a boat, colors like navy are sure to only help the boats in running people over. Adventure is everywhere, especially under the sea.

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