This is Leftie, by Martina Behm. I knit my Leftie in Cheshire Cat, a Frabjous Fibers Merino 4-ply fingering weight. The other 2822 Ravelers who’ve knit Leftie and posted it on their project pages and I are in agreement that this is a doozy of a clever pattern.


The only modification I made was to skip wrapping on the short-row leaves. And, obviously, if there’s no wrapping going on while you’re turning, there’s no picking up and knitting into those wraps that aren’t there. Thanks, Dot, for that great suggestion! I’d not have thought of it on my own.

My first attempts on the leaves were a tad on the sloppy side. I started over and without the wrapping and picking up, my leaves behaved well and look great. Wraps really aren’t needed in garter stitch short rows. You won’t notice the teeny little holes.

Garter stitch is one of a knitter’s more forgiving stitches. Maybe that’s part of the reason why it’s the first stitch we learn.


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