Lion Brand lion


This is my version of Lion Brand’s Knitted Lion, a free pattern available on their website once you provide them with login info. Once again, I knit this with Martha Stewart Crafts Extra Soft Wool Blend left over from LeCirque.

My modifications were to embroider a face (rather than sew on felt features), add a mouth, and gather in the neck stitches. I also knit my own version of a mane, not of the Martha Stewart Crafts Glitter Eyelash that the pattern calls for. I just used the same yarn I used for the body. Glitter Eyelash is a “fun fur” type yarn and I thought the mane would be more to my liking without quite so much, well, so much.

Here’s how I knit the mane, which is also my modification: cast on 4, knit one row. Cast on 4 stitches  and bind them off on the way back and continue to complete that row and then knit the row back. Next row, cast on again, and just keep doing that until you have enough knitted to ring the face. Between the ears, I alternated between casting on 4 and and casting on 6 (and always immediately binding off that same number). Then, for the sides and bottom of the mane, I alternated between 6 and 8 on the cast on (and the bind off).

These small stuffed buddies have been a fun project. They all knit up quickly. In addition to the lion, there’s a rabbit and a lamb.  I’ve also knit a bear that I’ll post soon.

Here’s the lion’s back side. Excuse me, the from-the-back view.



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