Little Elf Guys

img_2917_lowresWhen my son was little, and his school had a fairly constant need for donations to fall festivals and “events” of one sort or another, I probably knitted about 30 sets of these guys to donate and as presents for teachers.  It is a Weir Doll pattern, from Susan Weir of Ann Arbor, Michigan.  An easy knit.  I always stuff my knitted toys with unspun wool, rather than with that stiff polyester fiberfill.  It’s a pricey stuffing–but works so much better.  No lumps!

1 thought on “Little Elf Guys

  1. I know your brother, Tom, from our meditation center, Deep Spring in AA. he came in last week and mentioned your elf post on your site, and kindly sent me the link.
    This is so charming, I am terribly honored to see the elves in such a lovely way!
    When my boys were small, I knitted many many gnomes, both for them and the various school fundraisers… it feels warm in my heart to read of your doing the same…
    with gratitude to a sister spirit,

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