Long Lake Carving


How cool is this! This is a topographic carving of Hillman’s Long Lake. Tom ordered it special for us from Backwoods Carving. Every depth on the carving is the equivalent of 10 feet for real.So the deepest places are 90 feet, just north of Belly Button Island.

The carving even includes the little island in the south part of the lake.

Compare from the Michigan Fishweb site:

mapWe’ve had a little printout of the fishweb site map framed and hanging at the lake for nearly ten years now. We show it to people, complete with a little house drawn on the map so visitors will know where we are on the lake before they head out to kayak.

The wooden version has now replaced our little paper map. Beautiful! (Our 294 acre lake and now our carving of it.)

2 thoughts on “Long Lake Carving

  1. Love that you call the island “Belly Button” island! My nieces call it “Poison Ivy” island. ?

  2. @Cathy–Hi Cathy. Was that a campfire I saw at your place on Saturday night! What amazing weather we’re having. Poison Ivy island is an excellent name too. We worry about the loons nesting there every year and the “loon nesting” signs sometimes don’t keep people away. Steve thinks some very prominent “Beware of Poison Ivy” signs might be more effective.

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