Long Lake Heroes: Hank & Nick

clear-dayMy last post complained about people’s golfballs ending up in Long Lake.  This Saturday, a pontoon boot was moving slowly through our small bay, close to shore.  At first, I didn’t understand what its occupants were up to.  One fellow was draped over the bow of the boat and seemed to be scooping something up in a fish net.  I though maybe he’d dropped something from the boat and was retrieving it.  The boat moved forward a bit more, with the man on the bow directing the younger man who was piloting the boat.  Then it became clear, they were picking up trash from the lake bottom.  Before they left my part of the lake they had picked up cans and three golf balls!  We all owe this pair a debt of gratitude and the careless owe them and our lake an apology.  They introduced themselves to me.    I was astounded to see them back on Sunday afternoon, in snorkel gear, looking for trash that has settled on the lake bottom.  Others of us were doing the stuff that everybody likes to do on a sunny, 80 degree day on Long Lake.  And Hank and his son Nick were cleaning up the lake.  Sincerely, thank you. So, no pop or beer cans in the water.  Not ever.  No empty bait containers.  No candy wrappers or potato chip bags.  However these things are ending up in the lake, we all have to do the Hank & Nick thing and make sure we retrieve them.

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