Pinwheel baby blanket


This is Oat Couture’s “PInwheel Afghan,” a baby-sized blanket available for download on Patternfish.  Oat Couture has been designing wonderful knitting pattern booklets for decades. With the patterns now available on the web, that should mean that gobs of us knitters will find them more easily.

This is knit in an easy-care Plymouth Encore Worsted Tweed. I was aiming for a sophisticated look. Hopefully, the intended new mom will not just think the colors are drab.

The pattern calls for 1000 yards of yarn, and I needed just about every yard. I’ve knit this before and knew that the yardage was close, so I bought an extra just-in-case skein. Here  is the same pattern worked up in Encore Colorspun.


2 thoughts on “Pinwheel baby blanket

  1. Your baby blanket is lovely ~ I was just thinking about a pinwheel baby blanket over the weekend so it was a nice treat to see yours!

  2. @Evelyn…thanks so much for your comment. The pattern includes a stockinette version, which is also very pretty.

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