Project Linus Security Blankie

This sweet vintage-looking blanket is a Project Linus Security Blanket. Linus van Pelt is Charles Schultz’s character from the Peanuts comic strip who took comfort from his blanket and was rarely drawn without it. “Blanketeers” from all over the country knit for Project Linus and send knitted and crocheted blankets to be distributed to where they can do the most good: children.

This modified feather and fan blanket is worked up in a simple, completely reversible, three-row pattern. My large-sized one, on 210 stitches, turned out to be 44 inches wide by 42 inches long. The pattern is “reproduced with permission” from Project Linus in Betty Christiansen’s Knitting for Peace.

It is a real yarn eater, knitted of 1600 yards (8 skeins) of Plymouth Encore Tweed in #2334. No name for the colorway, which is kind of refreshing, just #2334.This colorway is actually rather shy. I’ve photographed it several times and can’t quite capture it’s true color. It’s a bit less green.



6 thoughts on “Project Linus Security Blankie

  1. Beautiful blanket. I love the modified feather and fan. Don’t think I’ve seen that one before. You did a great job on it and I’m sure it will be well loved 🙂

  2. @hakucho…thanks so much. It is purl one row, knit one row, and the 3rd row is the only one with yarn overs and knit two together. Very easy…

  3. @Julie…Thanks so much for checking out the blog. Hoover and I are at the Lake House, me knitting him snoozing, even as I write!

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