Rambling Rows

noreen_knit_9-27-09_3This is an afghan pattern I’ve knitted six or seven times, in sizes ranging from a baby blanket to a blanket large enough to cover a queen-sized bed.  It’s “Rambling Rows,” by Carol A. Anderson and Pat Penney. It is knitted of 55 mitered geometric shapes: squares of two sizes and a rectangle that is half the size of the largest square (double the size of the smaller square).  Most afghans turn out to be major tests of a knitter’s sewing or crochet skills because bazillions of pieces need to be joined to create the finished object.  But the Anderson/Penney team figured out how to knit together the entire afghan.  When you complete the last section, you are done, except for knitting whatever edge you decide to use.  Quoting Lewis Carroll’s Jabberwocky: “Oh frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!”  ‘Cuz this here knitter is seriously sewing and crochet impaired.

Here are a few more RRs, including a queen-sized version knitted of bulky weight Tahki Soho Bulky Tweed wool where I followed the pattern but randomized the colors:



4 thoughts on “Rambling Rows

  1. Hi Shirley. This pattern is a Cottage Creations booklet (No. W 16) by Carol Anderson and Pat Penny: Rambling Rows Afghan. A number of local yarn shops in my area carry it. Cottage Creations doesn’t have their own website (that I can locate) but if you google “Cottage Creations” a number of internet sellers have the booklet available.

  2. I Love this pattern but have a concern that I just can’t findanswer to. When doing a knitted cast on I leave unsightly loops at the bottom. How do you eliminate those? Thanks

  3. @Judy…I have not experienced that using a “long-tail” cast on at the start. When adding stitches, once the sections get started, I use what I believe Elizabeth Zimmermann called a “cable cast on.” The gist of the cable cast on is that you place the needle point BETWEEN the loops, not into the loops. For me, it creates a more firm edge. Here’s a youtube video link for the cable cast on: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XFkYejFGwsI I hope that’s helpful.

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