Rib-it Frog Hat


Here’s a sweet thing. Both the wide-eyed little one and her Rib-it Frog Hat from Knitwise Design. The frog is formed of traveling cables and its eyes, of course, are nice big bobbles. This is Linda’s pattern photo, knit up in Plymouth Encore in the green gremlin colorway.

Here’s my version, knit in Berroco Vintage:


The hat  is all one-by-one ribbing, except for the stockinette rectangle that frames Kermie. This is an incredibly quick knit. My version, the small, used only 43 grams of worsted weight yarn (and 9 grams for the oversized pompom).

The ribbing is nicely maintained through the crown decreases.

ribbit_topIf you’ve a budding herpetologist in your clan, or even a fully grown one (the pattern includes an adult medium size), this should be just the ticket.

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