Sea Smoke Scarf

This is a new scarf pattern by Knitwise Design of Lubec, Maine. Linda’s Sea Smoke Scarf is inspired by the clouds of vapor that form over the ocean on especially cold days. Sea smoke, sometimes called arctic steam fog, forms when very cold air moves over warmer water. Here in Michigan the same conditions produce lake effect snow. But, enough about weather. It’s been in the high 80’s here in the past few days so I’m doing my usual “wishful knitting.” That’s where I try to cool off by knitting wintry stuff that can’t be worn for months and months.

The pattern for Sea Smoke is available here or directly on Ravelry, here.

The pattern begins at the interesting drop stitch lace section and continues in a knit 1, purl 1 rib. You knit two identical halves and then graft the sections together. The special grafting instruction are clearly presented. Although the pattern is basically hot off the presses, there are no errors. Ah….that’s worth a repeat. No errors. It’s skinny (about 3.5 inches) and long (73 inches) and could be high fashion. But wrapped round and round the neck, as I will likely wear it, it will “just” be a warm scarf with a touch of glam.

Mine is knit in Berroco Flicker, an alpaca worsted weight, with a thread of glitter woven through. This is the first time I’ve knit with yarn that sparkles. I expected it would be scratchy, but it’s actually super soft. This is the “Benno” colorway (3317).

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