Steve’s hoodie

Steve’s hoodie is really Bruce Weinstein‘s “Hooded Sweatshirt” from his book Knits Men Want: The 10 Rules Every Woman Should Know Before Knitting for a Man. For me, Weinstein’s 10 Rules manage to be insulting to both men and to women. Stereotypes don’t move “the conversation” much forward. But his patterns, including this one, are quite nice.

I was anxious to post, so this is the unsteamed/unblocked version. And I am going to be re-knitting the hood.  It suffers from a few flaws I don’t want Steve to have to deal with. The pattern calls for a very simple hood. In this size, knit 14 inches, divide the stitches, and do a three-needle bind off.  That would create a hood that’s fit for a gnome. Way too cute for a grown man. Speaking about avoiding stereotypes. I’ll try that again, way too cute for Steve’s taste (or mine).

So, I started decreasing stitches on either side of the center two stitches a bit beyond half way up the hood. That helped a lot with the pointiness, though it’s still got a point (just way smaller). But the hood is also very wide at the neck. Lots of room for the chill winds that blow. I don’t know how to fix that, but I believe it would be helped by making a tighter fit. We all have big heads in this household, but 14 inches just seems way too loose. Maybe a tighter fit would tug the hood a bit at the neck so there wouldn’t be a fold of extra fabric that makes it look so monk-like. I’ll likely reknit the top half of the hood.

But first I have to lick my wounds for a bit. I know that, in knitting, not everything turns out as planned.

I’m also smarting from the fact that the sleeves are too long. I suppose it’s too much to wonder if maybe Steve will grow into them. I measured sleeve length from a sweatshirt with a fit Steve likes and added a half inch to the length the pattern called for. The only thing I can figure is that the armpits are lower in this pattern than in the sweatshirt I measured.

All that whining aside, it came out not half bad. Steve looks good in it (as long as he doesn’t try to wear the hood). And in cold weather even an ill-fitting hood is still better than going without.

6 thoughts on “Steve’s hoodie

  1. On another pattern–won’t mention name, and I’ve only knitted the child’s version–when you finish the neck, there is a section of ribbing–I use 1×1 for maximum draw up–that goes for an inch or inch and a half before beginning the hood. If I remember correctly, there is a little bit of increase in stitches for the hood itself. The ribbing seems to make the fit around the neck work.

  2. @Panhandle Jane…I shall speak the name: Wallaby, Wallaby, Wallaby! It’s a great pattern. I forgot about the ribbing in that hood. If I have the stick-to-it-iveness to get to this one again, doing ribbing at the neck would be an excellent idea. I told Steve today that I am going to make him a Wallaby. The circular construction makes all the sense in the world. All this sewing up with the bulky yarn I used turned out to be a real pain.

  3. Such a handsome sweater! Too long sleeves are so much better than too short ones! Too bad about the hood….I bet he won’t want to take it off to fix it 🙂

  4. The sweater looks awesome, tell hubby to smile next time he’s modeling, lol Reminds me of my hubby when I ask him to try something on.

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