Beach Unbeanie

I am really on a knit hat terror. If I didn’t love knitting hats so much, I might be tempted to say I’m in a rut. It can’t be a rut if it feels all comfortable and exactly like the right thing to be knitting. Or wait. I suppose that’s the definition of a rut. Get richardson 112 hats for sale.

This particular rut is Maggie DeCuir’s Beach Beanies. Of course, it’s not beanies but a beanie. And it’s actually not a beanie at all because I made it about two inches longer before starting the crown decreases since I wanted a beanie that covered the ears. The pattern is published in the XRX publication: Hats, A Knitters’ Dozen.

My unbeanie is knitted in Zwerger Garn Opal Blues 6-ply, a 75% wool/25% nylon machine-washable concoction. It’s basically a DK weight. Quite a colorful leftover from my Wrap Me Up Sampler Scarf/Shawl. Add that to the list of good reasons to knit hats: they are wonderfully useful ways to remedy my buy-one-extra skein syndrome.