Sea Gull Point, near Rogers City


This is Sea Gull Point, a spot close to the great Huron Sunrise bike trail that includes an easy path though the woods, and along Lake Huron, ending at the 40 Mile Point Lighthouse. We often head to Sea Gull Point before or after biking to the lighthouse.

We weren’t doing any biking on March 21st when this photo was taken. The ice flows all along the shoreline, including at Sea Gull Point, were impressive.

This flock of Common Goldeneyes seemed quite comfortable in the frigid water. The mix of males and females were doing the “bottoms up” thing, searching for–whatever it is that might pass for lunch, we assume. Crustaceans are apparently what keeps them fueled this time of year. There didn’t seem to be much eating going on, though.

We took a pass on going for a swim.

We’ve also often enjoyed eating lunch at this spot. But not today. Steve braved the elements to capture the duck photo. I sat in the car, cozy, and let my iPhone capture the picnic table while I pondered the end of this rough winter.

If you’re biking the trail, Seagull Point is a good place to visit for another reason. There’s a portable toilet at the site.