Wiggle Wrap

wigllewrap2This is Sally Brandl’s popular pattern: Wiggle Wrap. I used the yarn the pattern calls for: Effektgarn Kauni. I might have managed to find the only two colorways that don’t play super nice together. Where I was shopping didn’t have much of a selection of the yarn left. The shop thought these would look just dandy. To be fair, I thought so too.

Wiggle Wrap began as a 437 yard, 100 gram ball of EK:


And a same sized ball of ES:


All similarities to maize and blue are disavowed. Here’s another look.

wigglewrap3I knit the wider version of Wiggle Wrap (148 stitches, which turned out to be 21.5 inches wide) until I ran out of yarn at 55 inches. Being a human of shrimpy height ( 5′ 3″), I thought this length would work and so I didn’t invest in 4 balls.  It could have used the extra length. I’m getting some wear out of it, though.

Despite being dunked in Soak for softening, it still unfortunately feels like I’m wearing a knitted Brillo Pad. Lots of folks find that Kauni softens up nicely when washed. So far, not my experience. Maybe it needs a bath in some hair conditioner.