Noro’s Daria Multi

This fun, quick knit  was donated to a charity auction at work. It was a shop pattern.

It’s definitely one of those knits where the yarn is the star: Noro’s Daria Multi, a DK weight, in 55% cotton, 45% rayon. Three small 54-yard skeins equals one small purse. The yarn is, well, cord. Really nice cord. You know it’s not yarn, even though it bears the Noro name. Looking at it makes you want to try it anyway. Unfortunately, trying it made me not much interested in knitting with it again. Others must have had the same reaction because it’s been discontinued.

Still, it knitted up to a cute little purse. Fairly sturdy–enough so that it didn’t seem to need a lining. But a better seamstress than I am would have sewn one up.

I thought my button choice, for once, was inspired. I prowled through Gram’s button tin and there it was. A button in the exact shade of green that Daria dabbed into her Multi.