Oddment baby sweater

Before my son was  born, I knit up a storm. I still do, so that’s not exactly a newsflash. The colors in this little boxy sweater, with a boatneck collar, are the color blocks from this sweet “tumbling blocks” sweater and pants set. There was enough of the red left that I knit a cap and socks set. Even back then, more than 26 years ago, my fondness for garter stitch had set in.

The “design” was my own. I’ve saved this sweater all these years. A lot of my knitted baby items were loaned out to others and were never returned. That’s OK, I assume they were put to good use. I believe I kept this one because I was self-conscious that it was a clunky design and that my rather idiosyncratic sense of color was in full bloom.  But now, it’s kind of a fav.

As you can see, Dan looked cute in it.  And the clashy colors didn’t bother him one bit.