Teeny leg warmers


These are Tic Tac Toe by tinkanknits. Try to say that three times fast. And then do the same for “buy a box of biscuits, a box of mixed biscuits, and a biscuit mixer.” And then “rubber baby buggy bumpers, rubber baby buggy bumpers, rubber baby buggy bumpers.” Oh, but it’s cheating to read it. You have to make the words come out your mouth without first stuffing them through your eyeballs.

Where were we? Tic Tac Toe by tinkanknits, available for download on their website or on Ravelry. Though it’s part of the designers’ 9 Months of Knitting ebook/pamphlet, the bonus is that it’s sized from newborn to adult. This was a fun knit with interesting but easy cables. Just the thing for tiny legs trying to stay warm indoors when the temperature outside dips, as it has here in Michigan recently, to seventeen below zero Fahrenheit.

Here’s my Ravatar modeling Tic Tac Toe:


Here she is, without her bonnet, wearing New Zealander “Emily Jane’s” Super Simple Little Legwarmers. This is a very straightforward ribbed pattern. I dressed it up a tad by using Reynolds Swizzle, a superwash sockweight yarn, discontinued long ago. ┬áThe pattern is available free on the designer’s blog and on Ravelry.

swiz_legwarmer┬áHere’s a closer look at super simple: