If you can’t say something nice…

some advise to not say anything at all.


Let’s see. The feather and fan type stitch was really fun to work. The construction was interesting and a friend and I laughed ourselves silly trying to figure out how this jigsaw puzzle knit fit together. Best laugh we’ve shared in a long time. The yarn, Sirdar Americana, a DK weight in 60% cotton, 40% acrylic, is really quite a nice summer weight yarn.

This is Sirdar’s “Lace Waistcoat” from their Americana booklet #441. I have already gotten some use out of it, on chilly mornings when just a bit of a wrap is all I need. I wear my waistcoat in the house. Where folks won’t see me.

The front of waistcoat is tolerable. The back? Well, that’s another story.


It’s a large. I’m a large. My gauge was spot on correct. But this back? Not good. I’m short, at 5′ 3″. The model on the cover wearing the cute cowboy hat must be an Amazon or maybe a basketball player. I can’t really think of anything to salvage it. I could run a gathering stitch where the lace starts, but I don’t think what my waistcoat needs is a bit of a butt flare.

It was quite a slog to knit. And I needed one ball more than the pattern called for, by the way.