Shifting Silk Scarf


Sally’s Shifting Silk Scarf certainly seems simply stunning. (Try to say that tongue twister three times fast.)  Karla Krueger’s straightforward design shows off these difficult-to-work Loom yarns to great effect.


Risoni. Speck. Fusilli 80. May we never meet again. Lordy. I did not like knitting with thread. There’s no other way to describe this stuff. Let me try again. Maybe I can capture it better. I did not like knitting with lumpy thread. The only yarn worse than Fusilli 80 was Risoni. Speck, the lightest orange in the bunch was better to work with. What made this doable for me were my ChiaoGoo lacepoint sharps and my conviction that a certain knitworthy friend of mine was going to like this a lot. (And she did.)

The Shifting Silk Scarf kit is the one you may have seen in shops stuffed into a clear plastic small container with a hole in the top to feed yarn through. The pattern is planted in the kit, through the hole, clipped to something that looks like what a florist stuffs into an arrangement to hold the gift card. I saved the container because that little gizmo may come in handy for wrestling with some future unruly yarn.

Here’s another view.


The scarf needed wet blocking. But, once blocked, it’s basically kept its edges uncurled. The pattern cautions to block the work dry and then wet it down because otherwise the threads may snap. Believe me I took that caution to heart. That was the nightmare scenario.

This was 490 yards of mindless knitting. Despite all my grumbling, I pronounce it a wonderful result.