Where’s Waldoe?

November has been so mild that we’ve been able to continue our paddles into Ghost Bay. In fact, it was 60 degrees and sunny on Thanksgiving and we spent time on the water, including in Ghost Bay. It was mid-November when this doe reclined at the water’s edge in Ghost Bay. She was definitely aware of our presence. Those big ears of hers were twitching and she was watching us as we approached. But she seemed confident she was too camouflaged to be in danger.

We watched her for several minutes. Steve was busy snapping photos. At some point, we must have pushed just beyond her tolerance. She stood up and ran away. Just about all that could be clearly seen was her white tail bouncing up the embankment.

Doe “a deer, a female deer”

Isn’t she a beauty? She was alert to our presence, how could she not be, what with those gigantic ears of hers? But she still let us have a good long look at her.

Steve and the zoom feature on his camera lens captured her so clearly that I feel compelled to tell you that this white-tailed deer is not part of a natural history museum diorama.  She is standing on the west end of Long Lake’s Ghost Bay on a crisp late fall morning.

White tails in Ghost Bay

This pair of does was busy munching greenery the entire time we spent paddling in Ghost Bay on a recent evening. For part of the time, they were joined by a third doe. Usually we watch them twitch their big ears, look in our general direction, and then they bound off and all we see are their white tails running away. But not this evening. It must have been some especially tasty shoot that so preoccupied them.