The Fish House of Paradise

Whenever you go to Paradise, eat at Brown Fishery’s Fish House. In fact, whenever you are within a car tankful of gas from Paradise, consider eating at Brown’s. Open noon to eight. They have the most fresh, best, whitefish ever eaten. Really. This little unassuming place, where on one visit the waitress told us the fish were so fresh they were still flipping around in the kitchen and then brought out a just-caught 30 inch whitefish to illustrate her point, is worth a special trip to Paradise even if you don’t care for scenes of incredible natural beauty. If not for Tahquamanon Falls and The Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum and birdathons at Whitefish Point, come to Paradise for lunch or dinner at The Fish House.

You can take home smoked whitefish or smoked trout, or whatever’s in season for some additional yummy tidbits to tide you over until your next visit. Brown’s Buddy B. crew catches the fish. Brown’s kitchen crew catches the live customers. The Browns have been fishing for five generations and I hope that their dynasty lasts for many more generations.

This was our heavenly lunch for both our days in Paradise.

And, yes, the cole slaw was great too!

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