Tidal Cove Scarf


This is Knitwise Design’s cleverly constructed Tidal Cove Scarf, available for download on Ravelry. And clever is no insult. This is “clever” as in Merriam-Webster’s “marked by wit and ingenuity.” What this photo shows as a series of folded-over triangles is actually a most interesting piece of knitting invention. I won’t spoil the surprise of how this pattern is constructed, but check out Linda’s model wearing Tidal Cove Scarf to see the full effect.

I purchased the decorative beads from one of the beading vendors at Hillman’s Brush Creek Mill during the Apple Days fall festival. And the yarn is Holiday Yarns’ Super Sheep, in their Hera’s Peacock colorway. It’s a Merino DK weight that Dorinda, of Alpena’s Yarns to Go, recommended. I’d not seen the yarn before and I am impressed. The blues and greens definitely evoke the tidal cove that the scarf’s design is meant to suggest.

It’s a bunch ‘o fun to knit!


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