Victorian Girl, With Hearts Knitted into her Bloomers

img_2912_lowresI believe this is an old, old McCall’s pattern.  In the original, she was rather Amish looking, decked out in shades of brown and black (though an Amish doll would not have had facial features).  I decided I wanted to spiff her up a bit.  She has hearts knitted into her bloomers.  Except for the hat, the clothing is my design.  Under her hat, she still wears the pattern’s originally-designed knitted hairdo: long hair parted in the middle, done up with a bun in back.  I added an “I-cord” detail all around the wig, to give it a bit more definition at the edges.  A fun project.  She was the second in a series, with the first one given away to a school fund raiser auction.

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