What Oriole Wants, Oriole Gets

This Baltimore Oriole was hungry enough and curious enough to head to the seed block. Even chasing away the full-of-himself Bluejay. The weather’s been cold and rainy, with flower production seriously delayed. Steve felt sorry for the Oriole, knowing what he really wanted. So. Out came the sliced orange. Oriole is the Oriole equivalent of happy now. With an entire case of Costco seedless oranges on hand, we can be generous.

4 thoughts on “What Oriole Wants, Oriole Gets

  1. Gosh…those are great photos! Never would have thought to hang an orange for the birds…sure looks like he liked the treat 🙂

  2. @hakucho…Thanks. Orioles are such stunning birds! They love oranges, and supposedly will also eat bananas (though I’ve not tried that). Folks say they will come to jelly feeders. I tried that and all I attracted were ants and a big mess.

  3. Wow! Feistier than a jay, that’s saying something! If you’re really lucky, you’ll spot the nest, which is a truly wonderful construction.

  4. @Lisa and Robb…we’ve been seeing an Oriole “couple” so I am definitely going to scout around and look for their nest. Thanks!

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