Wiggle Wrap

wigllewrap2This is Sally Brandl’s popular pattern: Wiggle Wrap. I used the yarn the pattern calls for: Effektgarn Kauni. I might have managed to find the only two colorways that don’t play super nice together. Where I was shopping didn’t have much of a selection of the yarn left. The shop thought these would look just dandy. To be fair, I thought so too.

Wiggle Wrap began as a 437 yard, 100 gram ball of EK:


And a same sized ball of ES:


All similarities to maize and blue are disavowed. Here’s another look.

wigglewrap3I knit the wider version of Wiggle Wrap (148 stitches, which turned out to be 21.5 inches wide) until I ran out of yarn at 55 inches. Being a human of shrimpy height ( 5′ 3″), I thought this length would work and so I didn’t invest in 4 balls.  It could have used the extra length. I’m getting some wear out of it, though.

Despite being dunked in Soak for softening, it still unfortunately feels like I’m wearing a knitted Brillo Pad. Lots of folks find that Kauni softens up nicely when washed. So far, not my experience. Maybe it needs a bath in some hair conditioner.


6 thoughts on “Wiggle Wrap

  1. That is just beautiful! I don’t know how I stumbled upon your blog, but I did a couple years ago and frequently check to see what you’re up to. I think I need to make a Barley hat, too. 😉

  2. @Jenny…wiggle wrap is a fun, easy pattern. The color-changing keeps it from being monotonous. I very much appreciate your stopping by to visit the blog!

  3. A gift from my friends, I just acquired 2 balls of this yarn. I plan to knit the narrower version of the wrap. It’s been almost one and a half years since you posted your comments about this project. Have you warmed up to the yarn? Has is softened? Several of my friends have knit with this yarn and their wraps feel fairly soft. Just wondering. Hope you are well, and continuing to enjoy your knitting endeavors.

  4. @Amy…it’s been Eucalean soaked only once. It softened, but just a bit. I still enjoy the wrap, though. I have a high tolerance for wearing somewhat scratchy wool. But I don’t care for knitting with it.

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