Wrap Me Up Scarf

I am quite pleased with how this came out. It’s Chris (ChrisDL on Ravelry) DeLonpre’s “Wrap Me Up Shawl” rendered in Opal 6 ply sock yarn. This is a Knitting at Knoon pattern.  It’s knitted in 21 different sampler blocks, each with a different stitch pattern, plus edgings on the two long sides. I worked mine up in three different Opal colorways. Best of all for the finishing- averse, each block is knitted into the next. So there are quite a few places where stitches need to be picked up, but when you are done it’s off to blocking, on to the edging and “all done.” I like bobbles, so I added a row into the last garter stitch block.  Other than that, I pretty much followed the pattern.  With each block, I changed to a different ball. Between the color changes in the yarn, and each new block pulling you forward, it’s a quick, fun knit.

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