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  1. Tried numerous times can’t get the count right multiple rips back to row 3 stitch no2 this is the beginning for me according to your chart size9and a half when I get to row5 stitches not adding up right at end of row working in the roun d circ needles love the mitts wont give up yet. help! Made a hat from your book took a while to work with chart but came out good

  2. @Dana…I’m not the author of the book…just another knitter. I didn’t have a problem knitting the pattern. But I know that isn’t much help to you. What I did, for the two patterns I knit (including this one), was to carefully study Weinstein’s idiosyncratic way of writing patterns in all these gauges and sizes. Then I highlighted the stitch counts and other directions that applied to the size I was knitting.

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