Beaky bird and his house

I did not crochet or knit (or felt or stitch) this little treasure. It was knit by a talented Raveler and fellow Michigander who I probably shouldn’t publicly present here. Anyway, she surprise-gifted it to me. My friend’s Rav profile describes her as a “voracious” knitter. She is that for sure. JFC recently knitted the entire book of patterns in Clara Parkes’s The Knitter’s Book of Wool. I’m not kidding–the entire book. And while working through the patterns at what seemed, to me, to be lightening speed, she still found time for side projects. She also spins. In fact, if it’s fibery, she’s mastered it. JFC even sneaks in a little yarn bombing. Stuff like knitting “power neckties” for light poles.

I have been peppering my friend recently with long-distance ramblings about my basement remodeling project. Part of it involves creating a cozy knitting hub and workroom in what was previously an eyesore of a laundry room. Beaky bird and his birdhouse are going to have a place of honor in my new room.

Reading this blog, you are probably also a maker. Most of us give away a lot of what we make. To be gifted the work of another …well, we know what this work of our hands means. So, this public thank you!


As for Hoover, he was “1 good cat” for sure. 8/16/2001-2/23/2012.

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