Beaky bird and his house

I did not crochet or knit (or felt or stitch) this little treasure. It was knit by a talented Raveler and fellow Michigander who I probably shouldn’t publicly present here. Anyway, she surprise-gifted it to me. My friend’s Rav profile describes her as a “voracious” knitter. She is that for sure. JFC recently knitted the entire book of patterns in Clara Parkes’s The Knitter’s Book of Wool. I’m not kidding–the entire book. And while working through the patterns at what seemed, to me, to be lightening speed, she still found time for side projects. She also spins. In fact, if it’s fibery, she’s mastered it. JFC even sneaks in a little yarn bombing. Stuff like knitting “power neckties” for light poles.

I have been peppering my friend recently with long-distance ramblings about my basement remodeling project. Part of it involves creating a cozy knitting hub and workroom in what was previously an eyesore of a laundry room. Beaky bird and his birdhouse are going to have a place of honor in my new room.

Reading this blog, you are probably also a maker. Most of us give away a lot of what we make. To be gifted the work of another …well, we know what this work of our hands means. So, this public thank you!


As for Hoover, he was “1 good cat” for sure. 8/16/2001-2/23/2012.

Noro two-skein scarf

Maybe I’m in a rut, knitting multiples of patterns. But this is such a good one. Take two colorways of Noro Silk Garden. The more different from one another the better. Cast on an odd number of stitches for the width you want, worked up in knit 1, purl 1 rib. I usually cast on 45 stitches in Silk Garden, on size 7 needles. Alternate the colorways, every two rows. That is, knit 2 rows from one skein and then knit two rows from the other.  Keep up the knit 1, purl 1 ribbing until you use up the yarn. It’s that easy.

Jared Flood has published a free pattern here, while disclaiming that he really invented it. If you’re interested in giving it a try, check his pattern for a handy tip so that the edges come out nice and neat. It works well.

March snowstorm

We arrived at the lake Friday evening, March 2nd, just as the snow was starting to fall heavily. The trip from the Detroit area had been mostly rain. A hard rain whipped up into a frenzy by high winds. Once we got to the Rose City/Alger exit, traffic had thinned and the rain had stopped. The drive from there was uneventful, until the snow started at about Mio.

Arriving at the lake we found about 6 inches already on the ground. It had drifted considerably in places. This is the view from the inside on Saturday morning. Most of the county and apparently all of the lake lost power at about 5am Saturday morning. We were grateful that our generator kicked in, keeping our furnace, fridge, toilets and lights humming right along. The rural electrical co-op is being quoted as saying it could be a week before power is back. Their crew is already working at the airport, so hopefully it won’t be as long as they estimate.

Here are some scenes from the lake this weekend. Click on the photos for a closer look.

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