Sprinkle from Loops of London


This is Sprinkle, a sweater that will be gifted very soon to my new granddaughter, Evelyn. Sprinkle is a pattern by Juju Vail and Susan Cropper of Loops of London. It’s included in their wonderful book Juju’s Loops.The only modification I made was to add a few rows to the yoke so that the neckline would be a closer fit.

Evelyn’s Sprinkle is knit in Spud & Chloe’s “Fine.” I like the way the dolphin and hippo colorways look together. Oh, that’s the blue and the gray–since both creatures are gray that isn’t very obvious. And I very much enjoyed working with this yarn. But, honestly, it didn’t hold up very well to wet-blocking. It feels a bit like I killed it with steam, when actually I just soaked it in unscented Eucalan and dried it flat.

Sprinkle is a sweet,vintage-styled, lightweight sweater for my sweet summer-born grandbaby.


A sweater to make a parent smile


So, I admit, this sweater is a tad over-the-top exuberant. It’s got one or two colors too many in it. Probably. But if a little one is testing a parent, I’m thinking the tot will look so cute and happy in this that it will sort of take the edge off grumpy. There’s something about the bright orange that does it, I think.

It’s Doreen Marquart’s “Shoulder-Button Pullover” from her book, Grammy’s Favorite Knits for Baby. I’ve knit it in Schachenmayr Merino Extra-Fine Color 120, in the Stockholm mix yarn for sweatershats, and caterpillars. I’ve knit with it often enough, and recently enough, that I could be accused of starting a fan club for this yarn. Honestly, I’d say it’s meant for socks…or possibly hats. But little kids are pretty much stuck with wearing what we put them in. At least at the start. So why not dress them in our most exuberant hand-knits?

This was a fun, quick knit. I decided to make the 12-month size.

Marquart’s book includes a number of grandmother-tested patterns that are definitely worth checking out.