2011 Knits

A retrospective of my 2011 knitting. I’ve enjoyed every stitch.  OK.  Not every stitch of my Origami pullover, but even that was worth it!

If you want to watch the entire slideshow, at the end of each page of twenty slides you will have to return to the main page and click on the next slideshow page.

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6 thoughts on “2011 Knits

  1. Very impressive when you see everything you made all together like that…you did an amazing job on everything!!

    Hope 2012 bring you many more happy projects 🙂

  2. @hakucho…thanks so much. I was even surprised when I tallied up the productivity this year. What I am proud of is that there are some major projects this year…still mostly hats and little stuff, but some “big” stuff too.

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