“Acorn Hill” pony trio

A conservative estimate would be that I’ve knit about 10 dozen of these guys in the last 22 years. My son’s Waldorf pre-school gave out the pattern when he was 4. I knit gobs of them for a Waldorf holiday fair. Then he moved on to an elementary school that had a fall fun fair every year. More gobs. Kid birthday parties. More were knitted. I’ve gifted half a dozen at a time, in assorted colors and manes.

My Little Ponies were the rage back then. They were odd brightly colored plastic ponies with hairdos and costumes. Somehow I was convinced these were more wholesome. Possibly that’s a lot of hooey and the truth is I just like to knit these little guys.

Because of the name of this pattern, with its hand-written title, I figured the likely source of the pattern was the Acorn Hill Waldorf School in Silver Springs, Maryland. Great news! In May of 2017, the school’s administrator gave me written permission to publish my version of the pattern as a Ravelry freebie, available here. I repaired a few hiccups in the original and put my stamp on it. I revamped the pattern with updated detailed instructions and lots of photos to help keep knitters on track.

I am so happy to be able to play a small role in helping assure that this sweet pattern will continue to be knitted. Thanks so much Acorn Hill!

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