Baby feat

Baby feet for the baby feat. Such a cute pattern and, of course, it’s a very quick knit. This is Rhonda White’s “Knitted Baby Feet Cloth,” a free pattern available on her website, with a link also through Ravelry. The toe-bobbles are the most fun.

White’s website says this is a “Welcome to the world, Joshua” pattern. It would be a great layette addition to any baby’s “Welcome to the world” gift.

Edit: 3/24/2020: Drat. The pattern isn’t available anymore.

2 thoughts on “Baby feat

  1. Where can I get the pattern for this face cloth? I is no longer available on Ravelry.

    Thank you

  2. @Lissa…I didn’t realize that the pattern isn’t available anymore. Thanks for letting me know. I added that fact to my 2012 post, along with a link to the Ravelry page stating that.

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