Bird’s eye view

Actually, this is a drone’s eye view. This is the first bay north of Long Lake’s narrows. The drone is at 400 feet, which is as high as a drone can legally go without an FAA waiver.

The drone is over the ice, looking east, with County Road 459 curving out of view. Obviously, this is a wide-angle lens. Those are mostly ice fishermen tracks. The drone operator is standing next to the middle house’s dock. And the middle house? That’s my favorite spot on the planet. Our place on Long Lake.

An interesting view. But so stark.

4 thoughts on “Bird’s eye view

  1. Photography in the 21st century-things sure have come a long way.
    Really cool!!!

  2. @Marty…howdy! Thanks for visiting the blog. Steve’s has his commercial drone pilot now, so there may be some interesting photos and video yet to come.

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