Calorimetry, again

Yes, again. This is my third Calorimetry: a headscarf that covers the ears and adjusts to assorted head sizes by clever use of short rows with unwrapped stitches. It’s great for the pony-tailed, because it allows one’s tail to wag freely.

Calorimetry is designed by Kathryn Schoendorf. Her free pattern was published in the Winter, 2006 Knitty.  13,514 Ravelers have completed the project and posted it on their project pages. This one is knitted in Brown Sheep Lanaloft worsted weight wool in the aptly named colorway: Salt Water Taffy. I’ve always thought it fun to knit dead-of-winter accessories in colors that evoke summer.  You can complete this quick knit in 2-3 hours.  100 yards will be enough. This version fastens with a big, pink vintage button that I found in my mom’s button jar.  

Why Calorimetry?  It is the scientific term for the measurement of heat loss or gained.  A somewhat appropriate name for what is basically a knitted headscarf.

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