Christmas kitty

This is Christmas Kitty. She’s designed by Katie Nagorney and Ann Swanson and sold as one of their Two Old Bags patterns. Kitty is actually a small pillow, but she prefers not to think of herself in those terms. She is somewhat troubled that her maker is such a bad embroiderer that she only got a barely visible nose. And missing a mouth is really not funny at all, but at least she can still purr. She’s rather proud of her vintage mother-of-pearl eyes. Speaking of purl, she thinks her knitted fur is quite the cat’s meow. The snowflakes are her favorite part. She’s not too crazy about the little “v’s” of white knitted into her stripes because she has a breed memory of fleas.

So, above is kitty forward. Below, you will see that she’s pretty easy to sneak up on.



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