Friends Shawl


This is Friends Shawl or, as my paper pattern calls it, Friends Shawlette. It’s a Joan Sheridan pattern published by Heritage Fiber Publications. If you click on the link you’ll land on a page of thumbnails. Look for one, six rows down and three thumbnails to the right. The sedate wine-colored beauty that looks nothing like mine.

One especially nice feature of the shawl is that it stays put on the shoulders. I added three repeats of the modified feather and fan sections, to increase the length. The shawl is basically a circle with an opening. I had some blocking troubles. Mine did not want to block with a straight edge, so I ended up angling it. I’m satisfied with it, but I may try again to block it straight. It’s a comfy, not overly warm shawl.

This is how it looked skeined up, pre-knit:


This is Stonehedge Fiber Mills Crazy f/k/a Crazy Mill Ends. It’s a DK weight mix of llama, wool and alpaca. Very lightweight and great fun to knit with. I just let all the colors land where they landed.



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